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China has consistently paid high attention to the Global Ocean Observing System(GOOS) project and actively involved in design and implementation of the whole GOOS Plan and its five models (Climate Forecasting, Marine Living monitoring, Ocean Healthy, Coastal Zone Monitoring and Management´╝îOperational Oceanography and Meteorology).China is the first country proposing to establish the North-East Asian Regional-Global Ocean Observing System (NEAR-GOOS) in 1994 and then took part in the project in 1996.

The National Marine Data and Information Service (NMDIS) was designated to be responsible for China NEAR-GOOS Delayed Mode Database. In 1996, the NMDIS officially set up the China NEAR-GOOS Delayed Mode Database (CDMDB) and its website with the function of timely releasing the quasi-real-time and delayed mode data from Russia, Japan, Korea and China and providing basic data service for GOOS and NEAR-GOOS.

The NMDIS is a public institution directly under the SOA with financial support from Chinese government. It fulfills the national obligations in national and international marine information exchange and relating activities. It hosts the WESTPAC Regional Center of International Ocean Institute (IOI). As a representative of China, the NMDIS has participated in a number of international ocean-related organizations and projects such as IOC, JCOMM, GOOS, GLOSS and so on.

At present, the NMDIS is operationally running China Argo Data Center, China GTSPP Data Center, WMO-IOC Centre for Marine Meteorological and Oceanographic Climate Data, Tianjin, China (CMOC/China), ODINWESTPAC/IODE, and National node and WESTPAC regoinal node of Ocean Data Portal (ODP). It's also the host center of former JCOMM ODAS Metadata Service. The efficient communication with other relevant international and regional projects resulted in fruitful outcomes.

With continuous efforts on system development and perfection, China NEAR-GOOS Delayed Mode DataBase (DMDB) has fulfilled the goals on database establishment, data exchange and sharing, website updating and renewing, China NEAR-GOOS DMDB is operating stably and continuously.


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Currently quality control procedures are performed on the data collected by CDMDB.

Quality control methods manual of oceanographic and marine meteorological data

Technical Specification of Oceanographic Station Delayed-mode  Data Processing and Quality Control







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