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Overview of NEAR-GOOS

NEAR-GOOS is the North-East Asian Regional GOOS program. It is being implemented by China, Japan, the Republic of Korea and the Russian Federation as a WESTPAC project. It is intended to provide an operational demonstration of the usefulness of a regional ocean observing system in the achievement of its own specific goals and as a pilot project for other parts of the world.

NEAR-GOOS project covers the Yellow Sea, East-China Sea and Japan Sea.

The Mission of NEAR-GOOS  

The Mission of NEAR-GOOS in the 2nd Phase:
To develop a comprehensive and sustained ocean observing network in the regional seas and coastal regions specially focused on observations, monitoring and other activities that can not be easily implemented by countries acting independently. This network will embrace a wide range of data types and will be accompanied by pilot observing experiments, trials and demonstrations, training and useful products for use by the participating members and as a contribution to the GOOS and other global observing initiatives.
(from the NEAR-GOOS Presentation at the GRF-IV November 2008)  

The Objectives of NEAR-GOOS  

In accordance with the overall mission, four major objectives will define the actions and tasks for its Second Phase: 

  • Restructuring to provide a more comprehensive and flexible and expandable operational capability
  • Enhancing and consolidating the Database Networks established in phase I
  • Defining, planning and implementing NEAR‐GOOS Pilot Projects and Experiments
  • Developing outreach programs directed towards awareness raising, stakeholder recruitment (including more national agencies and participating experts), training and capacity building.
    (from the NEAR-GOOS Presentation at the GRF-IV November 2008)  


China Delayed Mode Database for NEAR-GOOS (CDMDB) is operated by National Marine Data and Information Service of China (NMDIS). CDMDB service provides oceanographic data and information product (Buoy data, Ship reports, GTS data, Meteorological data, SST and salinity data, wind and wave data, and so on), free of charge, to all the NEAR-GOOS users through Internet.

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Other NEAR-GOOS Services

Near-Goos Real Time Database (RTDB) by JMA ,Japan
Near-Goos Regional Delayed Mode Database (RDMDB) by JODC, Japan
Korea National Real Time Database for NearGoos
Korea National Delay-mode Database for NearGoos
Near-Goos Delayed Mode Database (DMDB of POI, Russia)
Near-Goos Real Time Database by NMEFC, China

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 NEAR-GOOS Member Countries:          

NMDIS, SOA hosts the CDMDB for NRARGOOS web site
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